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Reflector Ventures

Reflector Venture is an organization that has built a strong reputation & holds an excellent credibility & is known for its quality of service. The group has emerged as a centre-of-excellence over an entire spectrum of touchpoints, across industries.


Reflector Ventures

Over the years, we have realized the importance of quality and customer service when offering end-to-end solutions. By exceeding the highest standards set by our customers for quality, performance, fit, and durability, we offer you products that perfectly fit your needs. Our company is reliable not only when it comes to service provision, but also the fastest and one of the best in the industry. The business relationships we build with our customers tend to be long term and we think of them as business partners rather than just mere clients.
About Us


Why Choose Us?

Great Quality – Delivering premium quality products is our top priority.

Adequate Price – All our products’ prices are the fairest for its quality in the market.

Delivery on time – Time is something that we value the most and respect the most.

Superior Service – Service that goes way par the expectation of our clients.

Expert Staff – Our experienced team begins by understanding and working around your design requirements and goes on to devise the perfect solution for your space.

“Every product here at Reflector Ventures is a league above the rest.”

About Founder

Mr. Kishan Patil

Entrepreneur Kishan Patil is a forward-thinking businessman based in Bangalore having around 10+ years of experience. He is self-motivated. As a director of Reflector Venture at the moment, he is putting his expertise in business growth to use in the interior design industry. He has an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the work that he does, and he is dedicated to giving consumers the very finest goods and services available on the market to increase the level of safety in their homes.

As soon as he started his job, he understood the need of having a specialized, professional degree, so he decided to get his master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

“Get the perfect look to enhance the value and style of your home. With our elegant style and your brilliant ideas out together, give your home the perfect cozy vibe”

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